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Which activity suits you?

With us you can choose from many different activities. All of our concepts is that they last for 4-5 weeks, is web-based and designed for all fitness levels. The user friendly interface and competitive element motivates participants to follow their training program and its development. The fact that you get points for how well they follow their own training programs so everyone can compete against each other - but on their own terms. Learn more about our different concepts below and find the one that suits you best!

Step - the original in Sweden since 1999.

Step Competition is motivating no matter what level you are at. In addition to a pedometer and a pair of shoes requires no experience or special equipment. The concept is based on daily exercise in which participants make small but important lifestyle changes. They compete both individually and in teams to see who is the highest number of steps during the contest period.



15 by Paolo - functional training with the body as resistance.

Train effectively 15 minutes every day, warning and anytime. Paolo Roberto upload custom training programs for all levels and demonstrates the exercises with short movies. Each workout includes about 4-5 exercises should be done as a circle during 15 minutes.



Löpsteget - get started with the run

Brisk walking, peaceful jog or intense interval workouts. Whatever the level, there is a suitable exercise program developed by Malin Ewerlöf. Stamina and endurance combined with technology. Malin demonstrate the exercises with short video sequences and descriptions of tävlingssytemet.



Cykeltrampet - take the bike to work

Combining transportation to work with daily exercise is an effective way to ensure that the training takes place. For health reasons, but also for the environment and the wallet. Bicycle tread the activity that gets the entire workplace to use the car less and ride more often to work. www.cykeltrampet.se


Ski Team X-Country Race - train with the national team.

All activity counts and you get 1 point for each minute. If you like to learn cross country skiing, Anders Södergren has put up a program for five weeks and the national team demonstrates with short video sequences. The exercises are designed for both snow and bare ground. You choose if you want to train with skis, roller skiing or running.



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