Till huvudinnehåll

We ensure that you succeed

To carry out a successful activity, competition in the workplace requires routine and experience, but also a lot of time. To make it easy for you, we are all the way, from start to finish. Our project managers take care of the planning and ensures that competition layup customized for you to achieve the best possible results.

A competition usually lasts 4 weeks. When together we have decided on the time of day that suits you best, we develop marketing materials that you can use to communicate internally activity. We then help you with the notification process, either by setting up a specific registration page for your company or we collect employees' e-mail addresses via a contact.

Just in time before the start of the competition, we will send out emails to all participants with instructions and login information. Each employee signs up then yourself as a participant and have access to a personal contest page.

After finishing the race, we develop specific statistics to you as a client which includes shows how many completed the bet and how many have reached a sufficient amount of daily exercise. You also have the opportunity to design their own evaluation to get answers to questions of concern to your organization and your health promotion. We compile all the information and make a report ready to present to demonstrate the positive results that the activity has given your company.