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30 minutes - a wellness activity for everyone in the workplace

For an activity to be successful in the workplace, it is important that everyone can join. 30minutes is designed to fit all employees - regardless of the physical level they are at once the competition starts.

Finding a fitness activity that is moderately challenging for all employees in a workplace can be difficult. In many companies, it is often the same people who are included in the activities on offer and often it is already active even during leisure time. Therefore, we have developed a new activity competition is designed for all employees in the workplace should be able to find inspiration and motivation to a more active life.

With 30minutes we want you to work also aims to attract those who do not usually exercise or usually is when wellness initiatives kicks off. Therefore, all competing on its own merits and it does not matter if you go for a walk or run a hard spinning class. By adapting the activity to individual abilities and compete for the number of active minutes, it has previously not been active at all, ie, the one that has the most to gain from increasing their activity level, just as much chance to win as it already has a structured training schedule.

Competition system is based on a Microsoft award winning system that is designed to motivate participants to better health. In the competition system, participants can set their own goals and compare their results both with himself and others within the company. Various motivational factors such as a gold star as a reward when participant achieved 30 minutes of activity one day mixed with opportunities to put their own, for those who want tougher targets. You can also select and follow specific individuals if they are extra competitive and have selected a suitable opponent.

As an employer or coach you throughout the competition following the company's or your team's development to see how you are doing in relation to the target of at least 30 minutes of activity per day. When the competition is finished, you can print the finished diplomas to the participants and top lists of the highest placed.